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Lab Created or Mined Diamonds- Which are Better?

Lab Created Diamonds may be a savior to the such high demand for diamonds. Diamonds are a time honored tradition. And because they are tradition among millions of people but such a limited asset that makes the supply very low and the price very high. Making the time honored tradition of diamonds a dying tradition. But with scientists now being able to make traditional diamonds in a lab that are equal to diamonds mined in different areas of the world. Click for more about Engagement Rings. That makes supply and demand much easier for the average man.

Diamonds are used for many different occasions; engagements, gifts, weddings and an all around declaration of eternity from one person to another. This comes from the saying, diamonds are forever. So if diamonds are forever why isn't your love or relationship or friendship.

Making diamonds is also much better for the earth and for people. Mining is normally done in rural parts of Africa where conditions are harsh. Plus the mining process releases gasses into our atmosphere that is toxic. With no real labor laws there either, people are run into the ground of all ages making a small wage. Also, making the diamonds in a lab is better for the environment. Making them in a lab, continues production which also makes the cost of diamonds lower because we can virtually make them as much as we would need them.

But diamonds aren't all that can be made, gemstones of all different color and shape. Which brings different gemstones back from near extinction, and gives the public an opportunities to enjoy such a beautiful stone. Which having them lab made doesn't deplete the quality of the gemstones and diamonds as most jewelers can barely tell the difference between one from the ground and one from the lab. Which makes you wonder which ones people will be wanting in the coming years, real or lab created? And then it comes to question of, are older diamonds such as old collections from hundreds of years, are they really that much more valuable than the exact replica that can be made in a lab? For more info on Engagement Rings, click this service. Having those kind of skeptics in the world have one thing on their mind. Money.

Diamonds are a huge market, and now that it has an endless supply, that makes diamond sellers and other distributors upset. With the price of diamonds going down because it now has an endless supply in labs. That makes diamonds and their value as simple as an everyday gemstone. Whereas diamonds had a higher value than gemstones for a number of years, but thank you to labs they have been tarnished a lot in the gemstone world and trade.

But, no matter what the value, diamonds are beautiful. Making them a more accessible to the general public has made a general middle class people very happy with lab created diamonds. Learn more from

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